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RPM’s “GROW BOATING Networking Night” to expand with TMBA

The Grow Boating Industry Night in Phuket is set to expand island wide with location changing each month. Following on from the initiative introduced by the Royal Phuket Marina, the monthly get together will be held at different venues across the island.

‘Grow Boating’ is a monthly gathering of everyone and anyone in Thailand’s marine industry. Held the first Friday of every month different venues in Phuket, the Grow Boating Industry Night is a chance for the industry to get together and network in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

The next event is sponsored by Java Yachting and will be held on Friday the 7th of July at the Lagoon Saloon in Boat Lagoon. There will be special prices on selected beverages and a BBQ to be enjoyed by all.

The ‘Grow Boating Industry Night’ is an initiative by Mr. Gulu Lalvani of Royal Phuket Marina. The TMBA would like to thank Mr Gulu Lalvani, Khun Nart and the RPM Team for their excellent work in getting this great event going and looks forward to RPM hosting the evening there again soon.


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Sponsored by Java Yachting


And hosted by Saloon Lagoon, located inside Phuket Boat Lagoon.
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Would you like to host and/or sponsor a ‘Grow Boating Evening’?

Please, contact Ian Hewett, of Derani, who has offered to co-ordinate the changing locations of the Grow Boating event, please, contact Ian at or call him at his mobile:+66 833 88 9090.


Information provided by Ian Hewett.

Contact Ian at

The ‘Grow Boating Industry Night’ is an initiative by Mr. Gulu Lalvani, Khun Nart and the Royal Phuket Marina Team.
Contact Khun Nart at


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