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Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer

“Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas which you can’t see, smell or taste”.

As part of a safety awareness initiative, AMS will now be monitoring CO levels during sea trials.
Each year people die or are made seriously ill from CO poisoning on boats. CO inhaled into your lungs cuts off the oxygen supply to your body, which can kill in minutes. Be alert to flu-like symptoms, which can include headaches, nausea and fatigue. Regular maintenance and proper operation of a vessel will keep CO levels at a minimum and reduce the chance of CO poisoning. Faulty & leaking exhaust systems can allow CO to enter cabins & accommodation spaces. Over 30% of marine exhaust systems inspected by AMS show indications of current or previous exhaust leaks.

A simple exhaust inspection includes:

  • checking mounting clamps are in place and secure;
  • there is no rust, exhaust soot, water leaks, corroded or cracked fittings;
  • rubber hoses are pliable and free of kinks with no burnt or cracked sections.

For our personal safety AMS will now be monitoring CO levels during sea trials using a personal digital CO Meter. CO alarms are cheap and can protect you, your crew and visitors on your boat from the ‘Silent Killer’ – Carbon Monoxide.

More information of CO poisoning can be found at:


Published by AMS – Marine Surveyors.
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