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AGM of 26th May 2017

TMBA’s recent Annual General Meeting, on the 26th of May and hosted by Royal Phuket Marina, was attended by 18 association members, with 8 members voting by proxy for other members and 14 members were absent.

Official voting in the meeting took place on three topics:

1. a new TMBA Board Member was elected by the AGM: K. Ditapong (Non) Boonsung of Phuket Premier Boatyard has been welcomed to replace K. Tanyuta (JoJo) Sudjacharee of Asia Pacific Superyachts, who unfortunately had to resign for personal reasons.
2. The term for board members to serve in the TMBA Board remained at 3 years.
3. The number of Board Members was changed to 7 to 13 board members.

With the official voting out of the way, sub-committee members presented progress and issues on the following topics: Customs; Charter Industry (Bareboat Charters and Superyacht License); Education, Safety and Environmental issues; Boat builders; TMBA marketing and communication; Facts and statistics and TMBA Membership.

Also an agenda for 2017 – 2018 was voted for and in addition to the ongoing above issues, 2 new topics will be developed:

a) A sub-committee will specifically focus on establishing a ‘Yachting School‘ with a special curriculum for ‘Professional Marine Tourism’ in view of developing safety standards and protection of our cruising grounds.

b) At the request of the boat builders a sub-committee will explore the impact of import duties on the various sector of our industry. Concerned companies will be asked to collaborate to our fact-finding questionnaires.

More details about the AGM and progress of the sub-committees can be found in the AGM minutes published at this website and at the TMBA Face Book page.


By the TMBA Board.

Links for downloading the Minutes of the AGM 26 May 2017:
“FILES”section of TMBA Website (for TMBA Members)
– TMBA Facebook page




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